Three Things To Consider When Organising Custom Picture Frames


Custom picture frames are a great way to display important family photos or significant events that you want to cherish and show off to the world. However, it is important that when designing your custom picture frames that you do not go too overboard and create something that takes the focus off of the pictures themselves. A picture frame is meant to support and enhance your initial photo, not to diminish it or overpower it. Here are a few rules of thumb that you should keep in mind when coming up with custom picture frame ideas for your next display.

Clashing Colours

When you are looking at any visible element of your custom picture frames, whether that is the border or the sides or even the back of it, you need to think about whether it contrasts too sharply with the content in the picture. Very warm or saturated photos will not look good on a muted picture frame colour, while the opposite is true as well. If you want to be very safe, you should go with border colours that go with everything, such as black or natural wooden options. If you are going to try your hand at a coloured border, make sure you do your research as to whether it matches the colours in the photo!

Size Of The Border

Again, the border of your picture determines so much about how the audience views it. A thick border tells a very different story to one that is quite thin and dainty. You might want to consider an initial white border around the picture and then the actual picture frame so that everything is neatly centred and you see the whole picture, rather than having the corners or edges of your photo cut off by an intrusive frame. Always consider the dimensions of your photo when you think about the size relationship of the sides and top of your border.


Custom picture frames can be changed to your liking in a variety of different ways, and one of those is to have more decorative edging along the border. You might want a more artistic look, like something an old-fashioned painting might have around it. These styles add a bit of texture and can really make the display look more upper-class and exclusive than a simple frame would. Always talk to a custom picture frame maker before you make your final choice, and see if they have any in their catalogue that you like the look of. 


17 August 2021

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