A Beginner's Guide: What Supplies You Need to Buy for Watercolour Art


Watercolour painting is a beautiful and delicate art form that is enjoyed by many. It can be a wonderful hobby or a fulfilling career for those who love to paint. If you've decided to try your hand at watercolour painting, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. One of the essential factors in creating a masterpiece is having the right supplies. This post will guide you through the art supplies you need to buy for watercolour painting.


The first and most crucial supply you need for watercolour painting is the paint. When starting, you should aim for a basic set of colours, typically containing blue, red, yellow and green. As you gain experience, you can expand your collection by buying individual watercolours in various shades. You should purchase artist-grade watercolour paints as they contain high pigment content, resulting in better quality and vibrant colours.


The next crucial supply is the brushes. For beginners, you should pick a few brushes of different sizes, including a round brush, a flat brush and a liner brush. Natural hairbrushes, such as sable brushes, are the best for watercolour painting as they hold more water than synthetic ones. You will also need a watercolour brush holder to keep your brushes organised.

Watercolour Paper: 

Your choice of paper will determine the outcome of your painting. Always choose watercolour paper that is acid-free and of high quality as it absorbs water well without tearing or buckling. Watercolour paper comes in different textures, including cold-pressed, hot-pressed and rough. Choose the texture that suits your style.


A palette is a necessary tool for watercolour painting. It holds and mixes the paint. A standard palette has individual hollows for each colour of paint and a large mixing area. You can purchase a porcelain or plastic palette, or you can use a white china plate if you don't want to invest in a new palette.


There are several other miscellaneous supplies you need, including a water jar, paper towels, masking tape and a drafting table. A flat table or desk will work, but investing in a drafting table offers several benefits to a painter. You can elevate it to comfortable heights, tilt it and adjust its position.

Getting started with watercolour painting is fun, and having the right supplies makes it much easier. You don't need to spend a fortune on art supplies to begin. Invest in quality supplies, such as artist-grade paints and natural hairbrushes, that will take your paintings to the next level. With a little practice with the above tools, you'll be creating beautiful paintings in no time. Happy painting!


29 November 2023

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